Holding Pen

    • Traveling Lecturers are available to teach subjects where local expertise may not exist. They may also be used for local fundraising activity. Contact information is available to local masters and CiF proto-masters.


    • Coursework, annotated bibliographies, and additional resources used with permission or created by the Education Committee are available to local masters and CiF proto-masters. Some material is also available to the general public.
    • Kaaba Colloquium is an opportunity for all active O.T.O. initiates (I° and above) to learn what O.T.O. leadership entails, to receive strategies, tactics, and advice on leadership roles and activities, and to meet with successful and prominent leaders from all over the nation. While Kaaba is aimed at current and aspiring local body officers, it is open to any member in good standing, of the I° or above, who wishes to attend.


  • Pastoral Counseling – presented by the Psychology Guild of O.T.O.. This is a 2-day intensive workshop (typically offered over a weekend) covering a variety of topics relevant to leaders of O.T.O./E.G.C. communities. USGL strongly recommends all clergy and local masters attend this workshop. Topics include: basic listening/counseling skills, family dynamics in OTO/EGC communities, sexuality issues, legal/ethical issues, and an overview of mental illness and its impact on individuals and the community. Ample time is allowed for questions and troubleshooting. This workshop is open to ordained Priests, Priestesses and Bishops, local masters, and Novice clergy approaching ordination (upon recommendation of their Bishop). All attendees must be 3rd degree or higher. Contact David Shoemaker (Psychology Guild President) for more information, at dgsaa1@mac.com.
  • Certified Initiator Training (CIT) – Certified Initiator Training is a U.S. Grand Lodge sponsored educational program designed to familiarize current and aspiring initiators with the minimal performance standards, practices, and policies established by USGL to ensure that the highest quality initiations are consistently performed throughout the U.S. Training is conducted by an S.G.I.G or a Certified Initiator Trainer. Local Bodies interested in hosting C.I.T. may contact trainers directly or inquire at gtg@oto-usa.org for further information. Attendance at C.I.T. is a minimal expectation for members who intend to apply for a Charter to Initiate.
  • USGL Lending Library (information coming soon)