Traveling Educators List

The Traveling Educators list is a resource for getting in touch with brethren who have volunteered to travel to local bodies and deliver high-quality presentations. In this list you’ll find the names, contact information, and offerings of experienced educators, along with their general requirements and preferences for travel.

Christeos Pir (T אריה)


Fr. Christeos Pir (T אריה) has been a member of O.T.O. since 04/04/93, and is Past Master of William Blake Oasis (now William Blake Lodge), past Secretary and Deputy Master of Scarlet Woman Lodge in Austin TX, and past Most Wise Sovereign of Baphomet Chapter Rose Croix. He is now a Bishop of EGC and a Sovereign Grand Inspector General. He has an M.A. with a thesis on religion and the supernatural in contemporary Japanese popular culture and a B.A. in Religious Studies. He has been studying and writing about the magickal system of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley for more than 20 years, and is the author of “An Essay on Enochian Pronunciation,” “The Watchtowers of the World,” “Traversing the Aethyrs,” “Enchanting Modernity,” “Mircea, Mircea Me: An Examination of Eliade’s Theories on the Sacred, as Expressed in the Doctrine and Ritual of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica,” and other essays, and has been threatening for some time to complete a book tentatively titled Enochian 101. He has led seminars and experimental study groups in various subjects at a number of O.T.O. bodies, at NOTOCON, at Ecumenicon/Sacred Space (a national pagan-oriented ecumenical conference), and at several Texas OTO Conventions (TOTOCONs).

Body: Scarlet Woman Lodge, Golden Thread Camp, Baphomet Chapter R+C

State: PA



  • O.T.O.:
    • 11 Keys to an Effective Temple: Strategic Planning for OTO/EGC Communities
    • Of Witches, Weather, and the Web: How I Came to the O.T.O. and What Happened Then


  • Magick & Religion:
    • Amduat: The Night Journey of the Egyptian Sun God
    • Courtesanship and the Magical Arts: A Study in Contrast of Magical
    • Enchanting Modernity: Religion and the Supernatural in Contemporary Japanese Popular Culture
      • Pt. 1: Domination and Diminution: The Shrinking of the Shamaness into the Anime Shrine Girl
      • Pt. 2: Demonizing Other Deities: Essentializing ‘Japaneseness’ in Contemporary Popular Culture
      • Pt. 3: The Storehouse of the Spirit: How Popular Culture Conserves Religious Knowledge
    • Gods, Shapeshifters, and Demons: An Introduction to the Japanese Supernatural Landscape
    • Orishas on the Tree of Life: An Exploration of Creolization Between Afro-Diasporic Religions and Twentieth Century Western Occultism
    •  Ritual Theory: What is a ritual, what are they meant to do, and how do we constructing effective ones?
    • What is Initiation?


  • E.G.C. (Best done as a series):
    • The Role of the Children (Acolytes) in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
    • The Role of the Deacon in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
    • The Office of the Priest in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
    • The Office of the Priestess in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica


  • Enochian:
    • The Watchtowers of the World
    • Beyond the Basics of Enochian Magick: A Deeper Exploration of the Magical Work of John Dee and Edward Kelley
    • Issues in Enochian Magic: Questions Raised by the Magical Work of John Dee and Edward Kelley
    • Crafting Enochian Ritual: Exploring Ritual Structures in the Magical Work of John Dee and Edward Kelley
    • Two-Day Workshop on Enochian Magic — includes all the foregoing Enochian workshops in one event


  • Initiation Training:
    • 1-day Workshop
    • 2-day Workshop
    • IT for Side Officers


  • Other:
    • Suicide Intervention

Travel Availability/Needs: Willing and able to travel to speaking engagements if travel & accommodations expenses are covered by the host; willing to stay with Order brothers and sisters.

More information: Synopses of lectures available upon request.

David Melton


David Melton began exploring the mysteries in 1988, and has been active in the central Indiana pagan community since 1991 as an educator, priest, and leader. David became an initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in 1996. He has served as priest of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (EGC) since 2000, and was consecrated as bishop Tau Pythagoras in 2019. He is past master of IAO Abraxas Oasis and Onnophris Oasis, and was founding most wise sovereign of Ouarda Chapter Rose Croix. He currently serves as one of the US Grand Lodge ombuds. David has presented workshops and led rituals at ConVocation and the Chrysalis Moon festival, Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, and numerous local magical groups. His articles have been published online and in several regional newsletters. David’s current areas of study and practice include alchemy, sacred geometry, Reiki, and traditional witchcraft in the American Folkloric Witchcraft tradition.

Body: Anabasis Camp

State: IN



Origins of the Elements

This discussion focuses on how our modern understanding of the four elements evolved in pre-Socratic Greek philosophy, reaching its full development in Aristotle.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the four elements by extending Aristotle’s ideas and applying them to our own magical practice.

Oh My Stars!

Throughout magical history, pentagrams and hexagrams have been used as symbols of power.  In this session, participants will learn what’s so special about the numbers 5 and 6.  We’ll study examples of pentagrams and hexagrams from diverse traditions to deepen our understanding of their heritage, and we’ll explore simple ways to use these symbols to enrich and empower our own magic, beyond the lesser and greater pentagram and hexagram rituals.

Introduction to Scrying – Materials and Techniques

Participants in this workshop will gain an overview of the basics of scrying, including how to prepare for a scrying session, what materials to use, multisensory techniques for receiving and interpreting messages, and ways scrying can be used as a part of other ritual work.

A Magician of Many Talents

Aleister Crowley was a member, founder, or enemy of just about every magical organization that existed during his lifetime, and his influence in the magical community can still be seen today.  Many people are unfamiliar with Crowley’s equally significant non-magical achievements.  This class provides an appreciation of Aleister Crowley as a poet, playwright, chess champion, artist, mountaineer, and intelligence agent.

Aleister Crowley, Prophet of the New Aeon

What is the New Aeon, why is “The Wickedest Man in the World” its prophet, and why should we care? This workshop provides an introduction to the Book of the Law, the spiritual changes it heralded, and Aleister Crowley’s role in manifesting them.

The Alchemical Process of Ritual

This workshop, based on the book “The Art of Ritual” by Renee Beck and Sydney Barbara Metrick, will teach participants to use the alchemical cycle of the rotation of the 4 elements as a model for planning and performing nearly any type of ritual.

Carnal Devotion 

This workshop describes how BDSM and other body mortification techniques can be used for spiritual growth. We’ll explore cross-cultural historical examples, including devotional work with Babalon.

Say the Magic Word

This workshop extends the ideas presented by linguist and occultist Patrick Dunn in his book “Magic Power, Language, Symbol”. Participants will learn techniques for creating, analyzing, and using magical names and words of power.

Ritual Construction from the Ground Up

There are many books and articles written about ritual from religious, historical, cultural, psychological, and metaphysical perspectives, but few of these are written by and for practitioners intent on improving their foundational skills. In this discussion we’ll focus on the “why” and “how” of ritual theory and practice, so we can work more effective magick.

Travel Availability/Needs: Willing to travel. Willing to pay his own travel expenses within the Great Lakes region, and as far south as Tennessee; outside those areas would need host body to pay travel – prefers to stay with local Brethren. Baptism and/or confirmation in EGC can be arranged with prior notice

Dr. David Shoemaker

Biography: Dr. David Shoemaker is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and has been a member of O.T.O. since 1993. David is the Past-Master of 418 Lodge in Sacramento, having succeeded Soror Meral, his friend and teacher, and he currently serves as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Order. David was the founding President of the O.T.O. Psychology Guild, and a frequent speaker at NOTOCON. He is also member of the Planning and Initiation Training committees, and he serves as a Certified Initiator Trainer. His areas of interest include Qabalistic Psychology, ritual design, Raja Yoga, and systems of initiation (including Golden Dawn-style rites and the A.’.A.’.). A Bishop of EGC, David led the team that developed the Pastoral Counseling Workshops. He was a co-editor of the journals Cheth (418 Lodge) and Neshamah (Psychology Guild). His Living Thelema podcast has been presented since 2010, and the popular book of the same name was released in 2013. His latest work, co-edited with Brother Lon Milo DuQuette, is Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Ceremonial Magick. In addition to his work in magick and psychology, David is a composer and musician. He can be reached through his website at

Body: Star of Babalon Oasis

State: North Carolina (Can travel anywhere in the U.S. or abroad.)



Symbolism and Qabalistic Psychology of the M.M.M. Degrees 0-III. (All-day workshop or 1 hr summary. Slideshow. Initiates only.)

This material can be presented as an all-day workshop, with attendance limited by degree to the relevant portions as the day progresses. In this format, local members serve as officers for the Openings in 0-III, with full temple setup when possible. It can also be presented in a condensed 1 hour version, with no temple setup or ritual component.

The Legacy of Karl Germer (1 hour with slideshow)

The Legacy of Soror Meral (1 hour with slideshow)

Tarot and the Path of Initiation (1 hour with slideshow)

The Methods and Tools of A.’.A.’. (1 hour with slideshow.)

Note: This presentation discusses the system of A.’.A.’. in general, and does not reference or promote the work of any particular claimant group.)

Methods of Ritual Construction (1.5 hours including participatory ritual component)

Scrying the Enochian Aethyrs (1.5 hours with slideshow and participatory ritual component)

The True Will and the Holy Guardian Angel (1 hour. No slideshow.)

Thelemic Sexual Magick and Mysticism (1.5 hours)

NOTE: Many other chapters from Living Thelema can be adapted for presentations in various lengths and formats. Feel free to ask about any topics of interest.

Travel Availability/Needs: Willing to travel; would need travel costs and hotel accommodations covered in advance by hosting Body.

Kent Finne

Biography: Membership: 23 years. 9 years Tahuti Lodgemaster, C.I.T., S.G.I.G./Bishop and member of S.G.C. I’ve been teaching and lecturing in the O.T.O. since 1985 at Tahuti Lodge and have been speaking on the road since then also.

Body:Tahuti Lodge

State: NY




Gnostic Mass Symbolism and Training

Degree Symbolism and Training



Gnostic Dreaming

Austin Osman Spare Philosophy and Practices


Travel Availability/Needs: Willing to travel; would discuss what travel or accommodations hosting Body might have to cover on a case by case basis; willing to stay with local Brethren.

More information: Lecture synopses available upon request.

Tau Asteria

Biography: Kerry Kurowski (Soror Hypatia) joined Ordo Templi Orientis in 1995. She served as past treasurer of William Blake Oasis, and as master of William Blake Lodge from 2001-2008. As a speaker, she has given numerous classes on the role of the priestess, Tarot, magick, astrology, the O.T.O. and many other topics. She has presented at O.T.O. bodies all around the East Coast, in Australia, in May 2008 at Gathering of the Tribesin Oslo, NOTOCON IV and VI, and served as on-site conference chair for NOTOCON V. Her experience as a credit counselor inspired her to create the workshop Financial Planning for Magicians featured at Thelema Wow! 2002 and at Knights Templar Oasis in 2003. She is an ordained priestess, a member of the Profess House Committee, and recently became U.S. Grand Lodge E.G.C. Secretary in 2008. She works as a professional event manager.

Body: William Blake Lodge

State: MD


The Role of the Priestess in the Gnostic Mass

Goes into detail about celebrating the Mass, invoking, working with priests, perils of being a priestess, etc. Not a run through of Mass; no temple required. Encourages discussion. Open to both men and women. 1 – 1.5 hrs.

EGC Training

Training for Gnostic Mass clergy. 2 hr or day-long workshop.

Initiator Training

Training for aspiring and novice initiators. Day-long workshop or can be broken up by degree.

Cakes of Light Class

Goes into how to acquire ingredients, recipes for baking, and various methods of “activating” cakes. Encourages discussion. 1 hr.

Astrology 101 and Astrology 102

101 goes into the fundamentals of astrology. 102 goes into the fundamentals of interpreting a natal chart. 2 hr each.

Ritual Construction Class

This 101 class goes into designing a ritual structure, raising energy, working individually vs. in groups, etc. 1.5 hrs.

Magical Journaling

A 101 class on the magickal record. 1 hr.

The Delicious Languor of the Magical Retirement

Tau Asteria talks about designing and completing her 2005 magical retirement, a month-long ritual referred to as the Big-Ass Lunar Working. Does doing a spiritual retreat guarantee enlightenment? Can you do sex magick every day? Find out more. 1.5 hrs.

Venus Ritual

This is an awesome ritual which sensually raises energy (safely) with the goal of manifesting a specific intent. Speaker facilitates. 3.5 hrs with set up and tear down.

Special Event Planning

This class goes into the details of planning special and regional events. Items such as budgets, permits, fundraising, egos, and getting people to attend (and pay) are covered. Kerry works as a professional Conference Planning Manager with over 13 years experience in this field. 2.5 hrs with break..

Travel Availability/Needs: Willing to travel; would need hosting body to cover some travel expenses; willing to stay with local Brethren, but expect tidy accommodations. Too old for the floor.

M. Dionysus Rogers

Biography: M. Dionysius Rogers joined OTO in 1992, and has served the organization in local, national and international offices. He is Past Master of Scarlet Woman Lodge and Past Most Wise Sovereign of Ouarda Chapter. He is an active EGC Bishop, and the author of the books Thelema for the People, Fire in the Reed, Raise the Spell, and Mysteries of the Great Beast Aleister Crowley. He is a scholar of religion who has made presentations on esoteric and occult topics at academic conferences in Europe and the USA regularly since 2004, and he is a charter member of Academia Ordo Templi Orientis. He has also been a regular presenter at NOTOCON since its inauguration in 1995.

Body: Asherah Chapter

State: CO



Strange Angel in a Strange Land: Robert A. Heinlein, Jack Parsons, and Thelema

The Crowley Codes: How to Read 666

Bible Study for Thelemites

Esoteric Keys to the Man of Earth Series (for initiates only)

The Work and Legacy of Anna Kingsford, Dame Knight of the Eagle

Aleister Crowley the Neoplatonist: Augoeides, Astral Bodies, and Frenzies

Travel Availability/Needs: Request that travel expenses be covered; willing to stay with local members.

More information:T Polyphilus: Vigorous Food & Divine Madness

Dr. Vere Chappell

Biography: Dr. Vere Chappell is a writer, photographer, and researcher specializing in sexuality and spirituality. He travels extensively, studying and documenting sacred sexuality in art, history, and culture around the world. He has been a practitioner of ceremonial magick for 30 years, and joined Ordo Templi Orientis in 1989. Shortly thereafter he founded LVX Camp (now Star Sapphire Lodge) in Los Angeles, and has served as Treasurer General for OTO worldwide since 2005. As a Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica he trains and supervises clergy and regularly administers the sacraments of the church. He holds a doctoral degree in Human Sexuality and is a founding member of the Academia Ordo Templi Orientis, a scholarly research society within OTO. He is the author of “Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock” (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2010) and editor of “Lunar and Sex Worship” (Teitan Press, 2010) and “Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden” by Aleister Crowley (Edda Publishing, 2013). He lives in Southern California with his wife, Lita-Luise Chappell.

Body: Golden Lotus Lodge

State: CA



History of Ordo Templi Orientis

Ida Craddock: Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic

Introduction to the Golden Dawn (includes working the Neophyte ritual)

Jesus Christ: Man or Myth?

Kumari: Virgin Goddess of Nepal

Practical Enochian Magick (includes evoking an Enochian spirit)

Sex Magick in Theory and Practice (tyled to Ist degree & above)

True Will: What it is and how to discover it (with practical exercises)

Travel Availability/Needs: Will travel, request transportation expenses be covered but can work with local body to reduce cost.

More information:Synopses of lectures available upon request.

Colin Campbell

Name: Colin Campbell

Biography: Colin has been a member of OTO since early 2001, founder and past master of Abrahadabra Oasis after serving for ten years. He has written several books on topics that span his interests from the early Renaissance grimoire period through to modernity, including The Offices of Spirits, Of the Arte Goetia, The Sigillum Dei: Aemeth, The Concordance to the Holy Books of Thelema, and Thelema: The Life, Work, and Philosophy of Aleister Crowley. He has studied Western esotericism for over thirty years, is a collector of Crowley’s works, and frequently presents at NOTOCON, the bi-annual USGL conference.

Body: Abrahadabra Oasis, Portland, ME

State: New Hampshire



The Sigillum Dei

One of the most intriguing figures in all of Western magical practice, the Sigillum Dei as detailed in the diaries of John Dee is an exceptionally intricate wheel of unintelligible names – or so it would seem. This presentation breaks down this fascinating symbol into its core components, all of which will be very familiar to the student of the occult. Deciphering its many strata of angels, archangels, and divine names, we will collectively unfold hidden within the Sigillum Dei a complete system of platenary magic in its own right!

This presentation is based on research used in The Magic Seal of Dr. John Dee: The Sigillum Dei Aemeth by Colin Campbell, published by Teitan Press.

The History of Goetia

The dread Goetia is one of the most well-known grimoires in the world, and almost certainly the most well-known grimoire on evil magick. While we often think of Goetia as a manuscript from the British Library, there is a great deal more history that can be uncovered. This presentation walks you through the curious tale of this manuscript, including the manuscripts that likely formed its basis.

This presentation is based on research used in Of the Arte Goetia by Colin Campbell, published by Teitan Press.

Goetia: A Textual Evolution

Most of us met Goetia through our mutual friend, Aleister Crowley, but of course the actual Goetia is contained in several manuscripts in the British Library. This presentation takes us through the history of the manuscript’s contents, including many of its predecessors, and shows how the text evolved over time into the form we know it today. Delving into the history of the text(s), we show how small translational nuances caused some very curious changes!

This presentation is based on research used in Of the Arte Goetia by Colin Campbell, published by Teitan Press.

The Offices of Spirits

This presentation details a curious manuscript with a equally fascinating history. Discovered in a manuscript previously owned (and later copied) by Fredrick Hockley, The Offices of Spirits has a close connection with the most infamous grimoire of all: the Goetia. As a listing of similar spirits, often being exactly the same, it provides a listing and description of a number of evil spirits, as well as the four demon Kings of the cardinal directions and the three Great Infernals themselves – Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Satan! Fun for the whole family!

This presentation is based on research used in The Offices of Spirits, edited by Colin Campbell, published by Teitan Press.

Travel: I can generally pay for my own travel and accommodations.