Astrological Tarot with Jaime Paul Lamb (virtual presentation, Aug. 16, 2022 e.v., 9 p.m. ET, +4 UTC)

In this presentation, we will discuss the gradual melding of astrology and tarot, which reached its fullest expression as a practical system in the Golden Dawn Tradition. We will begin by providing historical context, discuss their synthesis and systemization in the Golden Dawn and, finally, we will analyze practical examples of how astrology and tarot may be synthesized in such a way as to mutually elucidate and compliment the findings of each art singularly.

Jaime Paul Lamb is the author of Myth, Magick & Masonry: Occult Perspectives in Freemasonry (The Laudable Pursuit, 2018), Approaching the Middle Chamber: The Seven Liberal Arts in Freemasonry and the Western Esoteric Tradition (The Laudable Pursuit, 2020) and The Archetypal Temple and Other Writings on Masonic Esotericism (Tria Prima Press, 2021). He is a member of Lapis Lazuli Oasis OTO, Phoenix, AZ.

Astrological Tarot with Jaime Paul Lamb
Tuesday, August 16 · 9:00 – 10:00pm ET, UTC +4
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St. Elias Ashmole: the Gentleman Magician, with David Blakeley (virtual presentation, July 26, 2022 e.v., 7 p.m. ET, +4 UTC)

St. Elias Ashmole (1617 – 1692) bridged the divide between the Elizabethan Rosicrucianism of John Dee and Robert Fludd and the Masonic Illuminism of the Restoration. Ashmole lived many lives – as an astrologer and an alchemist, as a soldier and a lawyer, and as a Freemason and a scientist at the dawn of the Enlightenment. We will explore all of these facets of this man whose personal collection formed the basis of the famed Ashmolean Library and preserved the Enochian writings of Dee and Kelly. John Aubrey called Ashmore “A mighty good man.”

Presenter David Blakeley currently serves in the O.T.O. as Most Wise Sovereign of Baphomet Chapter, R+C in Austin, TX and on the editorial board of The Pelican. He is a Past Master of Bubastis Oasis in Dallas, TX, an ordained Priest of the E.G.C. since 2000, and a chartered Initiator since 2005. He practices health care law and lives in Dallas with his wife, Stacie and their cats, Chattels and Belvedere.

St. Elias Ashmole, the Gentleman Magician
Tuesday, July 26 · 7:00 – 8:30pm ET, UTC +4
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