Kindness to Troglodytes

A discussion of the various ways in which initiates treat non-initiates, and how best to model such interactions. The philosophical quandary is addressed with aid from Plato, St. Rabelais, Ibn Tufayl, Montesquieu, and Heinlein, with explicit reference to the notorious Point 28 of Liber CI. Some attention will also be given to the general difficulties of promulgating the Law.

Dionysius Rogers is an eleven o’clock scholar and a performing liturgist, as well as a Charter Member of Academia Ordo Templi Orientis, Past Master of Scarlet Woman Lodge, Past Most Wise Sovereign of Ouarda Chapter, and a perennial NOTOCON presenter. He is the author of the books Raise the Spell, Thelema for the People, A Bishop’s Advice, and Fire in the Reed, among others.

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